Got research? Publish it in Peer to Peer.

If you’re an undergraduate and you completed a research paper during the spring or summer, consider submitting it for publication in Peer to Peer, Missouri S&T’s cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal of undergraduate research. The student-run editorial board is now accepting submissions for the fall 2018 issue. Peer to Peer publishes papers in humanities, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, engineering, business, and the arts. With over 4000 downloads in the last year by readers on six continents, Peer to Peer makes the work of S&T undergraduates available not only to students, faculty, alumni, and donors, but also to interested readers worldwide. Make your hard work visible. Submissions for the fall issue are due September 28th. Visit to find more information, read past issues, or upload your work.

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