Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness Week; 23rd-27th

My name is Vanessa Mahan and I am currently the Philanthropy Chair for Delta Omicron Lambda. During the week of April 23rd-27th I have put together a series of activities for women and men on campus next week regarding Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I would love for you and your organization to get involved with it too. Lots of these activities are all inclusive and all profits go to the Russell House. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. I think this would be a great opportunity to get together for a cause that affects all of us on campus, and we would really appreciate the support because we have never planned events like this before. These events are for both men and women on campus unless otherwise stated.

In addition to these planned events, we will also be on campus all day Monday-Thursday in front of the library with a donation box for Russell House, and a banner that you can put a painted handprint on to raise awareness of breaking the cycle of domestic violence. I encourage everyone to come out and learn some information or help us raise awareness on campus.


Vanessa Mahan


Monday April 23rd

Rolla Police Seminar
Your rights and the legal proceedings after becoming a victim of a sexual or domestic assault
Free event at Havener 5pm

Tuesday April 24th

Dine to Donate for Russell House at Applebees

Wednesday April 25th

Refuse to Be a Victim Seminar at Havener 6pm
This is a Free event that everyone can attend
A class that teaches women what to keep in their new house. How to pick a safe neighborhood. General information you can
use to protect yourself at all times during your daily activities.

Thursday April 26th
Russell House Workshop 5pm at Russell House
If you need directions let me know because it is a protected women’s shelter
During the workshop we will be gardening, planting flowers, and landscaping the new playground.

Friday April 27th

Pike BBQ 4pm
all proceeds go to Russell House

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