Research on Tap

Come join us upstairs at the Public House Brewing Company – Rolla Brewpub’s loft as Dr. Clair Kueny, an Assistant Professor from the Department of Psychological Science, talks about her research. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. on February 2 7th, so make sure to come early to grab a seat!

Title: “Good or Bad for Whom? Reactions to Other’s Discretionary Work Behaviors”

Blurb: Ever had a team-member take initiative? How did it go? Ever have a supervisor engage in behaviors they probably shouldn’t? How did you react? My research focuses on understanding and teasing apart these interpersonal dynamics surrounding employees’ work behaviors. We will review literature and empirical evidence that helps us better understand what it means to work with and react to others at work. We will also discuss how others’ behaviors can have a significant impact on your own work experiences – even if unintended.”

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