Shamrock Hunt

This Year St. Pat’s will be holding its second annual Shamrock Hunt on campus on Friday, March 2nd from 4pm until 5pm. All participants must arrive at the Puck before 4pm to play. A ticket must be purchased at the box to be able to participate, ticket prices range depending on how many people are participating, visit the sales box for more information. There will be a maximum of 200 points that may be earned. 100 points will be given to organizations with 35% or more attendance, 50 points for attendance between 20% and 34%, and 25 points for attendance 19% or less.

An additional 100 points may be earned through trivia questions. There will be paper shamrocks hidden in 10 locations. They may be turned into the Board Rep at that location to play a trivia game. Each paper shamrock will come with three questions. One out of two questions must be answered correctly to earn 10 points at each location. Questions will be hard to answer, but not impossible to answer. Answers to questions may be found on the St. Pat’s website, but many answers are going to be found by conversing with members of the Board. It is highly recommended that organizations go to the Box and ask questions.

Sample Questions:
Which sleeve, and where on the sleeve does the Junior Rep writing go?
Who was last year’s Queen of Love and Beauty?
How many people are currently in the Junior Rep class?
What is the Sunny Wall?
Name two things that Gonzo and Games are responsible for.

Along with the trivia questions: smaller, numbered shamrocks will be hidden inside the buildings. Finding one of these is limited to one per person. They can be exchanged for Vintage Merch at the Puck at the end of the Shamrock Hunt.

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