Community Ambassadors Program – still accepting applications

The Community Ambassador (CA) program is open to students living in Residential Life and Greek Life housing.
Students who participate will gain skills to be active leaders on campus as well as skills related to professional development and career readiness.
This program is great for students who wish to become a leader within their organization(s), serve as a Resident Assistant, or simply ensure they have the skills to be effective in their job search and career field.

Why should I sign-up for the CA program?
• Add a meaningful experience on their resume.
• Have contact with campus staff, faculty, employers, and alumni.
• Learn skills to enable them to be engaged, active leaders on campus and beyond.
• Make strong social connections with other Community Ambassadors.
Time Commitment:
• Community Ambassadors can typically expect a time commitment of 4 to 8 hours a month.
The monthly commitments consist of:
• Monthly ‘CA Days’ in which there is a workshop style session to help develop specific leadership and professional development skills. These will typically involve FREE food!
• Monthly ‘CA Fun’ events in which there is a fun social event often times off campus/away from Rolla.
• and More!
How to sign-up!
• Email Haley Keil, Programming RA, at with questions

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