CASA Seeking Volunteers & Support

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is seeking volunteers and a philanthropic tie to the University. 

CASA’s mission is to fulfill society’s most fundamental obligation making sure a qualified compassionate adult will fight for and protect a child’s right to be safe, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to learn and grow in the security of a loving family. CASA of South Central Missouri provides advocacy for abused and neglected children in the court system. These children have been removed from their homes and are temporarily in foster homes or residential centers. A CASA volunteer is often the only consistent and caring adult a foster child has ever known. CASA volunteers visit with the children they serve at least once a month and monitor their progress in school, counseling and other court ordered services. Judges, attorneys, child welfare workers and parents overwhelmingly report that CASA volunteers make a significant difference in the lives of the children they serve. Research shows that a child with a CASA volunteer is much less likely to remain in long-term foster care.

CASA’s goal is to provide advocacy for 100% of the abused and neglected juvenile cases in the 25th Judicial Circuit, which covers the counties of Phelps, Texas, Pulaski and Maries. As much as they need fundraising, there is an opportunity for volunteers as well.  CASA volunteers are carefully screened and receive special training to speak on behalf of these children. They assist in providing important information to aid in placement of the child, and track the child’s progress to a permanent home. CASA volunteers spend most of their time in contact with a child. No special education or prior experience is necessary. The schedule is flexible and is about 8-10 hours per month. They served 91 children with 43 volunteers in 2013.

If you believe that you can play a role in supporting CASA please contact Verna Brand at  website for South Central Missouri website for National CASA, for annual report Judith Waters, Executive Director, SC MO CASA.  573-458-6240 SC MO CASA office to reach Judith Waters, headquarters to SC MO CASA

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